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Video Production – a full qualified staff of experience


Aitterce Production can work with you to develop, create and produce Music videos, commercials, infomercials and instructional videos to look like a Hollywood production for a fraction of the cost.

We take the time to work with you to understand your product and your target market. Our team of professionals can help you analyze and develop your target audience, and often times offer possibilities for expansion.


• Television Commercial Production – Media Production

• Direct Response Short Form Commercials

• Infomercial Productions – Half hour long or longer

• Live Broadcast Production

• Film Studio Shoots

• On-Site Location shoots

• Animated feature commercials

• Make a Commercial

• Close caption cc

Professional Production…

Production is a term that expands across a number of commercial and infomercial creative aspects.

• There is the shooting for filming side – with our professional cameramen, we shoot all of our work in full HD resolution

• Videography / Editing – we perform all of our editing in house, giving us full control and you the best possible service

• Animation – if you are looking for something different, we can do full animated features
We can take care of all your commercial production needs. Also website